Hi Tom

Hi Tom is the production alias of Norwegian producer Tom Basmo - who has for years been a secret weapon for DJ's around the world. After starting his musical exploration at 11 Hi Tom has already made a name for himself working with a vide variety of vocalists like; Killavesi from Chicago and Thast from Tampa, US. Hi Tom also takes part in the Norwegian producer collective Rytmeklubben and has received support from other artists such as Drippin', Nina Las Vegas, Sam Tiba, DJ Slow ++


The Trondheim based producer beautifully balances etheral melodies combined with hard distorted drums to create a club-approach to psychedelic pop, melodic productions that have been coined ‘Norclub’ by Sydney’s own Basenji. 

Hi Tom released his single «Tablet» on NLV records this past summer. A forward-thinking concoction of noises, paired with sweeping melodies – “Tablet” contains everything from staggered drums to ethereal synths, deep, lingering bass and the sound of car doors unlocking. 

Joining a standout roster of UNiiQU3, Lewis Cancut, Swick, Air Max ’97, and Strict Face – Hi Tom balances ethereal melodies with hard distorted drums, to create a club approach to psychedelic pop on his NLV Records debut.