A selfprofessed ‘club boyband’ who started playing their music live as a group, have developed their sound in the club  basements of Norway. After releasing singles through their own independent label, then remixing pop heavy hitters like Zayn Malik and Astrid S; they are now signed to Sony Music (coming through pop-powerhouse RCA in the USA). 

Their first single on Sony, “Like That”, released in February 2017 have been a smash, with over 7 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Soundcloud. With hit “Drugs You Do” they have also been listed on the main Norwegian radio channels, landing them gigs at key Norwegian festivals through the summer. With the new year and new plans;  the band is released their new single called “No Apologies featuring Liz & Santell" on January 12th.

Rytmeklubben consists of 4 producers; Henrik The Artist who's signed to Mad Decent, Hi Tom who's signed to NLV, DJ Karaoke working on a single and Torjus providing the nordics with hip hop and RnB productions. The group started as a live act in 2013, developing an innovative style of performing electronic club music live together, both performing Rytmeklubben originals and remixes and songs of the different solo producers, that has later been adopted by the likes of Club Cheval. 

They have played most of the major Norwegian festivals like Slottsfjell, Øya, Hove, by:Larm and Pstereo, as well as playing live in Berlin and London, including DJ- sets solo or together in Europe. 

Rytmeklubben are currently working on their own original tracks.